The Potter Look-A-Like
This little chap isn't happy. He is never happy. Not content to allow things to carry on as they are, Red Shirt is determined to change the BoxWorld as he knows it. Unfortunately, the Artist is perfectly happy with how things are run, and usually ends up punishing him in some way shape or form, whether it be crushing him with giant models of human anatomy or turning him female until he sees the error of his ways.

 Mowhawk Dude
The long suffering friend of the Potter Look-A-Like, Blue Shirt tries to talk his friend out of all his world changing antics. He's content with how things are in BoxWorld, but he would be even happier if the Artist would give him a different hair-do.

The Artist
Completely anonymous, the Artist is the disembodied voice of God in BoxWorld. Her word is final, and if she says jump you jump, or she will pick you up with her mouse and throw you. Known as either Her, She or the Artist, the residents of BoxWorld will keep her happy or risk her wrath.

'Nuff said.