Thursday, 7 April 2011

Kallista Has Weird Taste....

Seriously. She asked for all of this. And I quote: *ahem* 'I always thought it would be funny to do a comic with me getting struck by lightning, run over by trollys, trampled by wild animals (or smurfs)' She is one odd girl. 

The Artist Gets Bonus Points For The Shirt

This is for Niall, The Guy With A Boring Name. And I get bonus points for putting his shirt in. Or cookies. Cookies are good too.

Tristessa - I Choose You!


Tristessa held me at Robotic Keyboard Chihuahua-point to put this thing up. They are actually very scary. And look remarkably like guns.

Now All We Need Is Dramatic Music!

Balloons Are The Answer To Everything!

No-one Can Ever Know

He Walked Straight Into That One