Thursday, 7 April 2011

No-one Can Ever Know


  1. *gawps at Bryony* 'Tisn't fair! How come you can be so hilarious and good at art and when I try I end up with a fossilised fish... :/ Ah well... awesome job on the comics, keep it up! XD EPICCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!! (yes, you deserved the extra Cs *puts on cheyrl cole voice* because your worth it :)

  2. Good at art....they're stick men Tessa. Stick men.

  3. LOL Bryony. Is that a boob falling on the guy in the previous comic?

    I was going to suggest adding a girl stick figure. Namely me!
    Speaking of boobs, Why? Cause I always thought it would be funny to do a comic with me getting struck by lightning, run over by trollys, trampled by wild animals (or smurfs)
    Lots of material there. I just can't do art. And yes, Bryony. It IS art!

  4. Yes, yes it is a boob. Why? Because I was trying to come up with a suitable punishment and it was the first thing that came to mind.

    A girl stick you say? Hmmm.....Lightbulb!

    And I will stick you in a comic - I suppose anyone can be in it by request. Just give me something I can draw (certain hair colour, random umbrella etc)

  5. Well, I'm shapely, ;P have black long hair and want to wear purple.

    And yes, I agree. A big giant boob falling from the sky is the best way to punish a guy! If only that could happen in real life!

    *imagines it and falls off her chair laughing*